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Official partner of European Foundation for Hospitality and Healthcare

BHS offers different services and provides a range of accommodation options for its clients. Residences include hotels and furniture apartments that offer medical treatment, business and leisure travels all possible amenities and comforts.

BHS provides travelers a base to work from, a place to entertain friends, or simply a home away from home for a few days, weeks or longer.
Our team offers multilingual assistance with the utmost professionalism and know-how to ensure absolute satisfaction for our guests.


  • Belgium is the pulsing heart of Europe. Its location has made it a strategic pole in different fields including tourism, medical treatment and business.
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Belgium has proven time and again that it is among the best options for medical treatment abroad. Significant investment by the Belgian government ensures Belgian hospitals are of the highest quality. Belgian hospitals are among the best in the world and most are supervised by Belgian universities.

BHS has contracted with the best hospitals and doctors in Belgium to offer you the most successful and best possible therapeutic trip, God willing.

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Belgium is one of the most beautiful European countries, full of touristic places and landmarks.

The nation is fixed in European memory and boasts historical and modern features considered among the wonders of the world. In addition, there are plenty of luxury hotels, private chalets and other types of accommodation, all of which are equipped with the most modern facilities.

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Brussels is a pioneer in the field of international commerce, business and policy development.

Being the capital of the European Union, host to numerous European institutions and centrally located in the center of Europe, Brussels truly is the pulsing heart of Europe both economically and politically.


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BHS offers housing solutions for those traveling for business, pleasure or medical treatment and assures guests the comforts of a real home.

BHS is a reliable company for travel management on behalf of companies or embassies looking for an efficient accommodation service that is able to satisfy even the most demanding guests.
Since its foundation, the company has worked hard to provide distinguished services to all its clients and to create an atmosphere of complete and sophisticated relaxation which respects foreign traditions and also Belgian culture.
Additionally, BHS provides ideal solutions for professionals requiring meeting rooms away from their headquarters.


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Administration procedure

Secure the necessary documents for the client and his/her companions to enter the country

Prepare documents, accompany guests to local government offices and facilitate the opening of bank accounts, acquisition of residence permits, changing of drivers’ licenses, etc.

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Provide accommodation according to your need and desire (hotels, furnished apartments, chalets)

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Pick up from/return to airport.

Provide car rentals, limousine services or other means of transportation for clients for just a single day or throughout their entire stay.

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Provide qualified translators to accompany clients to hospitals to help them communicate with the medical staff throughout the period of treatment. We offer also healthcare outside the hospital systems through qualified staff.
Provide translators and guides for clients either for tourism or business purposes.


Book and arrange suitable conference rooms or meeting facilities to receive any type of group or delegation.
Liaise with the right company to manage your wedding.


Identifying opportunities for clients to sell or buy properties (apartment/house…)


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